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Mobile marketing trends 2015

This my first post in english. Please try to understand any mystakes :).
Today 80% of consumers are concerned about mobile marketing.
Thousands of mobile phone users world wide were surveied on their attitudes towards mobile marketing to understand how this affect business.

4 clear best practices

1. Start with permission

Making costumers feel secure about your communications is an essential starting point

95% of the respondets said they are annoyed to reeive messages from senders they haven't approved.
The best insights come when companies simply ask for their costumer's concent.

2. Understand the consumer

Mobile marketing evokes negative sentiment.

For starters, we need to understand the issues behind this.

For exmple, 77% of the responders said they had received an offer that was not in line with their interest.
75% found difficult to opt out.
And 80% feel that the benefit was not attractove.

3. Know your Audience

Costumers can be divided into four categories:

27% belong to the category "Marketing Immune", with no interest in the benefits offered by mobile messages.

27% belong to the category "Easy Going", with no need to be in control but with limited impact on purchases.

29% belong to the category "Control Freacks", who need to be in control of coming messages and remain interested in mobile marketing.

And 18% belong to the category "Connected Marketing Lovers" who are interested in promotions or other benefits and do not need to be in control.

Segmentation of costumers ensures a more effective approach.

4. Be Relevant: Right person,
                           Right message,
                           Right moment.

More than half of surveied werer happy to receive certain types of messages when relevant.

52% said they would take advantage of an immediate discount and 46% said they want to receive a gift from companies.


"Respect builds loyalty"

By following these four best practices:
1. Start with permission
2. Understand the costumer
3. Know your Audience
4. Be relevant: right person, right message, right moment.

And by respecting the consumer engagement process, you can develop positive relationship with your mobile audience.

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